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What We’re Offering

The Services We’re Providing

Segregation of Waste at Source

Segregation of Waste at Source

Separating different types of waste materials

Segregation of Waste at Source

Transportation of waste

Transportation from source From secondary points to Approved site/Plant

Segregation of Waste at Source

Waste To Compost

Converting organic waste materials to food scraps and yard waste.

Segregation of Waste at Source

Road Sweeping

Cleaning streets and roads by removing dirt, debris, and other unwanted materials

Mission And Vision

mission and Vision

Waste To Compost

mission and Vision

Waste Management

Pooja Waste Managment is on a mission to enhance resource value, while minimizing environmental impact so that both our community and our environment can thrive.

  • Enhances resources, minimizes environmental impact for community and environment.
  • Plays major role in infrastructure development in India and seeks to partner with emerging contractors.
  • Provides excellent service and efficiency, using procurement to redistribute wealth
waste truck
waste truck
waste truck
about pooja waste Management

Get to Know About Us


Pooja Waste Managment is a environmental services firm as a Proprietorship Firm with Mr. Raj Kumar as the Sole Proprietor. The company provides complete waste management services, including door-to-door collection, segregation at source and secondary site, transportation, processing, and treatment of waste, as well as night and road sweeping, de-silting of drains, and more.

Services, including door-to-door collection, segregation, transportation, processing, treatment, and cleaning, collaborating with residential, commercial, and municipal customers to manage and reduce waste, operating 20+ SWM projects.

Why Choose us

We only Provide Quality Waste Services
Industries Served

We serve a diverse range of industries with our waste management solutions.

Professional Workers

We cater to the waste management needs of professional workers, providing efficient and reliable solutions.

Waste Mangements

We specialize in waste management services, offering effective solutions for all your waste management needs.

Customers Are Happy

Customer satisfaction is our priority, ensuring happy customers through our waste management services.

4 Simple Steps

Our Working Process

  • pickup

    Seamless pickup services streamline waste collection for hassle-free disposal.

  • Collection

    Our meticulous collection system ensures comprehensive gathering of waste materials for proper management.

  • Proccessing

    Waste transformed into valuable resources for sustainability and environmental responsibility.

  • Disposed

    Responsible disposal practices ensure safe and eco-friendly handling of waste materials.


Landfill and Transfer
Station Services


Accepts Special Waste
at Many Locations

Recent Closed Projects

Recently Completed Projects

pooja waste management
pooja waste management
pooja waste management

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